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Does your dog's behavior embarrass you?

Transform Your Dog's Behavior through Trust and Respect!

I no longer live in constant anxiety

Hi Steve!
I just thought I’d give you an update on the dogs since it’s been a year since you’ve seen them last.
They are doing amazing! Ivy is a completely different dog and I don’t live in constant anxiety that a fights going to break out. You helped me prove to everyone that she was worth saving and helped me create the dog I knew she always was. There has been no fights or any violent behavior in over a year. Ivy can be in situations that would normally result in her fighting and I tell her to go lay down and she’ll walk away. I really can’t believe it. Sometimes she even removes herself from a situation before I even say anything which is incredible.
Also, I finally found an allergy med that works wonders for Bailey and he’s a completely different dog. He’s back to his sassy and crazy self with all his hair. So I’ve had to work a lot with him the last couple of months to get him to chill out a bit because he was really testing Ivy sometimes.
I really can’t thank you enough! You changed my life and my dog’s lives! I’m now able to live in peace and enjoy activities with the dogs and not be worried about something happening.
Thanks again for everything!


Best Dog Trainer

Steve came out to help me with my two German Shepherds. My male is 2yrs old and my puppy is 5 months. We have the basics down but Steve showed me how to take it to a whole new level! My male is very leash reactive and the tools that Steve gave me are going to be a real game changer. His 5 Golden Rules made so much sense and we are going to be implementing them immediately. I already feel more confident. I have owned many large dogs over the years and have used countless trainers. Steve is the best one I have ever encountered! He is patient and kind and I felt like it was worth every penny.

Kelly Bushnell

Great working with Steve

In the past two weeks thanks to Steve’s training program not only is my 4 month old puppy Jax more well behaved it’s also helped me tremendously! I would highly recommend Steve to anyone who is looking for a very friendly and knowledgeable trainer.

Nick Benyo

I would highly recommend Steve!

I would highly recommend Steve! I saw a change in my dog immediately. All of my questions and concerns were answered in detail, and Steve provided all the tools necessary to be the best leader for my boy. I feel so much more confident as a dog owner and can’t wait to see how Gunner continues to improve.

Vanessa Pearson

My dog absolutely loved it!

Steve was fantastic. Showed up on time and was extremely informative. My dog absolutely loved it. As a first-time dog owner i felt his lessons were great and I feel more prepared than before. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for training!

Rajiv R.

Fear of having a new puppy…alleviated today with Steve

The fear of having a new puppy after not having a dog for quite some time was definitely alleviated today with Steve. We just wanted to get it “right” for the little guy and Steve’s patience and advice were highly valuable. Our Jack Russell responded to him immediately. It’s wonderful to know we have a professional in our corner.

Kelly Y.

Training was interesting, hands on and incredibly helpful

Steve taught us great techniques for living with our dog. Our dog Ranger, is 4 years old but spent at least 3 years in terrible conditions without any training. Ranger has serious medical conditions and, at first, we just wanted to offer him a happy life for as long as it will be. But it is hard to live with a dog who barks a lot, pulls on the leash and isn’t 100% house trained.
Steve showed us great techniques and thoroughly explained the training. We agreed that it is the people who need to be trained and then the dog will follow. We also appreciated that Steve uses a lot of positive reinforcement and redirects incorrect behavior. In addition, Steve arrived early and was well prepared with information and tools. He had brought a recommended crate and harness, so that it was easy to see what works well.
The three hours were interesting, hands on, and incredibly helpful. Another great thing was having Steve come to our house so that he could adjust techniques for our house, seeing where problems occur and getting a sense of our neighborhood for walking on leash issue. Having Steve train us was a worthwhile investment that will help not only ranger but any other dog.

Michele K.

We’re already noticing our dogs are more responsive and listen

We are highly satisfied with Steve and Curiosity Satisfied Dog Camp. Steve has been beyond responsive, kind and helpful. He came out to work with our dogs and their aggression towards one another and gave us some great training tips and tricks that we cant wait to keep working on. It’s only been a couple of days and we are already noticing the dogs be more responsive and listen to commands and are following our lead. We know there is a a lot of work to do, but thanks to Steve we feel confident that we can make our situation work. We strongly recommend working with Steve.

Ashley D.

Excellent insight and hands on training

Steve was right on time and provided excellent insight and hands on training with our new rescue Luke!

Samantha I

His training is enlightening with an abundance of common sense

Steve was wonderful with my dog. His approach to training is enlightening, with and abundance of common sense. I would highly recommend Steve and his service to anyone.

Dolores G.

If you really want to do right by your dogs, Steve is your guy!

To say Steve put a spell on my dogs would not give him nearly enough credit. He is prompt, professional, patient and extremely knowledgeable. He taught me canine behavior in order to calmly and effectively train good behavior, on my part and my dogs part. He is an absolute breath of fresh air. If you really want to do right by your canine companions, Steve is your guy to teach you everything you need to know in order to succeed. I look forward to working with him again in the near future, once my pups and I conquer our first chapter. Much appreciated.

Dana H.

I was blown away by how much I gained!

Steve breaks down dog training into easy to digest/understandable analogies and examples. His insight into dog behavior have given us more confidence with our new pup (young adult rescue from a shelter). Not only does he give you the basics though, he teaches you for the future as well with what-if scenarios to set you up for success. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting initially but i was blown away by how much I gained. Now I can see the lifetime support is invaluable. This isn’t dog training in the classic sense, its much better than that and the value for money cant be overstated.

Yayu Liang

Highly recommend!

Steve came out to our house and worked with our 15 month old Golden Retriever puppy. He taught us many skills to work and achieve the desired results without yelling or force. It has worked liked a charm and Carson is already starting to listen better. Steve stayed past the time we paid for just so he could answer all our questions and get through everything. He did a great job and we highly recommend him! Thank you Steve!!

Jennifer L Grube

Steve was amazing to work with during our VIDEO SESSION

Steve was amazing to work with during our video session. He was so patient with me and my almost 6 month old shihpoo, Coco. He explained things to me that were easy to understand and made sense. He made me feel comfortable and gave great info— he was super fast at responding to my emails during the process and I never felt like I was a bother to him. You can tell he really loves animals and loves what he does. I am very excited and looking forward to a more behaved puppy in the future! I am extremely hopeful now, thanks to Steve. So happy our family chose him! : )

Elyse Wiscount

Steve is the one to call for quality dog training

It’s been three weeks since we contacted Steve and received our training. Steve is a very personable man, well spoken and humorous. He explained the “whys” of our dog’s seemingly aggressive behavior and how to get things back on track. As well as changing our dog’s way of thinking, it was necessary to tweak our own behavior and responses to our dog. Calm, consistent and consequence has become our mantra. Our dog is much more likely to follow our commands when our response is calm. He “kennels up” quickly and follows when told “this way”. Biting and snapping behavior has lessened greatly and I’m confident that with our continued instruction, it will phase out completely. Steve is the one to call if you’re looking for quality dog training. He answers all your questions, gives suggestions of how to change your dog’s behavior and stays overtime until you are confident working with his program. We highly recommend Steve!

Sandy Schmidt

After one day our dog was calmer, less frustrated and more obedient

Steve was very knowledgeable, clear, quick to respond and eager to help with our situation. He exceeded our expectations. We saw improvement in our dog (Rescued Pitt Bull) immediately. The day after Steve’s visit our dog was calmer, less frustrated and more obedient. Can’t thank him enough for his help!

Scott Dunlap

Steve was very patient with my pups & our chaotic household

Steve was very patient with my pups & our chaotic household. He immediately regrouped any situation that elevated throughout the time he was there & insured that before he left, we were confident in the information/training that he offered. I will be recommending him to all of my friends & family members looking to regain leadership of their pups! Thank you, Steve.

Whitney Raifsnider

Steve helped me understand how my dog thinks

He was great! He gave me the tools to better control my sweet but overexcited dog. He also helped me understand how my dog thinks and what triggers his behaviors. I definitely recommend him.

Claudia Guerr

Steve was very kind and patient

He explained everything in detail. He was very kind and patient. He is very knowledgeable about how to make a pet and their trainer happy. I enjoyed the experience very much! Thanks so much!

Debra T.

Saw an immediate change in our dog

This was our first experience with a dog trainer and we are so grateful for Steve’s time. He spent so much time explaining our dog’s behavior and why he does what he does. He is very knowledgeable and patient with the process. He answered all of our questions and was thorough with his answers. We have seen an immediate change in our dog and look forward to continued success with his behavior as we put Steve’s recommendations into practice. Thank you, Steve!!!

Gwendolyn M

Steve was amazing

Steve was amazing with not only Emma but also with the older dogs! Emma mastered the stairs in about 20 mins! She is super comfortable in her crate as well! Almost potty trained, no accidents today with being alone almost all day!

Samantha Lankford

We loved working with Steve

We loved working with Steve! He was punctual and showed up right on time and was ready to get started right away. We felt very comfortable letting him know of our challenges with our big guy, Harold, and we were very pleased with all of the information he was able to provide. Even Harold, who is often scared of new people in the house, was comfortable enough around Steve to take a nap while we were chatting… this is not a normal occurrence for Harold as he is usually too on edge with strangers in the house to relax. We have already seen a difference in Harold’s behavior now that we have been implementing the new tactics that Steve explained to us. With consistency on my end with his training, I am confident that Harold’s unwanted behaviors will be a thing of the past in no time. Steve also gave me a great recipe for homemade dog treats which I made and Harold LOVES them! Thank you, Steve!

Alex F.

Steve is definitely a professional

Steve is definitely a professional and we are so glad that we chose to train our puppy with him. After our training session with Steve; it was like we had a completely different dog. Thank you, Steve, for listening to our concerns, for being so patient with us and making sure we were comfortable and confident with everything. We also appreciate that Steve continues to provide support if we ever need it in the future.

Kristina H.

After one day with his methods, Ruby is a completely different dog

When I was looking for training for my lab mix Ruby I didn’t feel that she would get anything out of the experience from a franchise pet store so I started my search for dog trainers who knew how to read and work with dogs on a one to one level. Steve came to our apartment and showed us exactly how to handle Ruby. We already had a good base from watching a lot of Ceasar Millan (haha) but we needed more and Steve guided us. Even after one day with his methods, Ruby is a completely different dog. It will take time with her but now we have the confidence she will be a very well rounded dog.

Lauren S.

Love Steve’s methods

Steve came to train my husband and I along with two of our three dogs. The biggest problem we had was barking and overall just not listening. Steve spent about 5 hours with us and by the time he left, the barking was under control, the dogs walked much better behaved and they were overall much calmer. Love Steve’s methods and I think as we practice these we will have the dogs we always wanted. Thank you, Steve!

Marianne Mowery

Steve demonstrated and explained how to handle ALL of our dog concerns

My son contacted Steve because he was leaving for deployment and my husband and I were taking care of his dog for 6 months. I admit I was worried about this obligation and responsibility.
Steve arrived eager to help provide guidance and structure to our new “family”. He systematically demonstrated and explained how to handle ALL of our dog concerns. He was totally engaged with the training and provided valuable insight into canine behaviors and mannerisms.
I highly recommend Steve’s service to anyone who desires more discipline and positive behaviors from his or her dogs. You will become a happier and more confident dog caretaker!.

Brenda Hoffman

Already starting to see changes after only a few days

I was eager to get off on the right foot with my newly adopted dog and Steve came highly recommended from the rescue organization. Steve is professional and compassionate towards both dog and owner and was able to give me a timely appointment. I like the implementation of a home visit to help me understand how my dog relates to the home environment and ways to deal with some of the inherent challenges and take advantage of the areas of value. He helped me reinforce some of my own helpful behaviors and provide feedback on those that are less helpful as I interact with my dog. Steve also provides a very good, intuitive lifestyle structure/rules to live by for me to work on with my dog. All of the work is up to me and my dog over the long term, I feel confident that we are off to a good start because of Steve’s guidance. I am already starting to see subtle but important changes after only a few days!

Timothy Hall

So nice having Steve come to the house

Steve was great! We had just adopted a two month German Shepherd pup (about 3 months at the time of training) and we had questions about how to ensure we trained her properly at an early age. We also have an 8-year-old Pomapoo who is a good dog but needed to be retrained in some ways so that we could set the example of being the ones in charge of both dogs. Steve responded quickly and was able to fit us in for our preferred date/time. It was so nice having him come to the house because we could apply techniques to real life things we were experiencing. He spent a ton of time with us and worked with both dogs. He also had some great suggestions on training leashes/harnesses. They’ve made a huge difference on our walks!

Nikki gee

After just a couple hours our puppy was calmer with us

We’re so grateful for Steve’s help! We needed to curb the biting and jumping from our adorable but rowdy puppy before we welcomed our first child in 6 weeks. Steve came over and gently showed us we were unknowingly teaching her some bad habits. After just a couple hours she was calmer with us and more confident on walks. His tips are easy to implement and are already proving to be a lifesaver. Absolutely recommend!

Kristen Colburn

48 hours we are already feeling and seeing a difference

My 2 male french bulldogs were showing signs of aggression towards each other. Found Steve on thumbtack – and I couldn’t be more grateful First – he agreed to come during off hours (which is when my dogs act up). Second – he scheduled us into school. Third – within minutes of meeting our dogs, he assessed the situation and immediately started working with all of us (dogs and humans alike). Two days into working his program you could feel and see a change! I wouldn’t hesitate to hire or invite him into our home again!
Steve was so quick to respond to our distress signal!

Lisa Levine

The whole family had a great training experience

LunaBelle, Comet and the whole family had a great training experience. We are looking forward to using the training we received to help keep our pups on the right track. Steve is knowledge, kind, and really cares about the dogs.

Jenn Bubba

Amazing how much has improved with our sixteen month old lab

Amazing how much has improved with our sixteen-month-old lab. He walks beside me, waits until I walk out the door and genuinely listens to my commands. Steve is the dog whisperer of Delaware Valley. Thanks, Steve!

Carolyn Folk

Daisy was happy to meet Steve and she responded so well

Steve came to work with my chocolate Labrador Daisy Mae today and he was amazing. Daisy was happy to meet him and she responded so well to him. Steve sat with me first to tell me his philosophy on dog training and to go over his 5 Golden rules. He was so good at explaining everything and wanted to make sure I was comfortable with everything. He brought copies of the 5 Golden Rules for me and extra for family members. We put every rule into practice and then worked on some issues specific to Daisy. He spent so much time making sure we were both getting it and at no time did I feel rushed. He gave me his phone # and email so we could stay in touch.
I really saw improvement in Daisy after he left.
I highly recommend Steve and Curiosity Satisfied Dog Camp to everyone who wants their dog to be their very best!

Annette Weber

We are well on our way to a happier and calmer doggie life

Steve was so excellent. He came out on extremely short notice and spent hours with me and my dog, going over not just what to do to train her but why each training tool/technique was important for my dog’s safety and wellbeing, as well as the whole family and neighborhood. I would never have realized how many behaviors I was exhibiting that were giving my dog the wrong message, and thanks to Steve we are well on our way to a happier and calmer doggie life!

Jackie Edelman

I already see a huge difference in my 3 dogs

Steve is a genius, he came to visit us last Saturday and I already see a huge difference in my 3 dogs! I highly recommend Steve to anyone seeking out dog training, or dog behavior issues. He was very kind and very informative. Steve answered all of our questions. Our big shepherd who is not very fond of guest warmed up to Steve by the end of our session, which was a huge shock to my family and I. I am very happy with his services and his advice! Thank You again, Steve, for everything you did for us. Blizzy, Ruble and Penny are all on their journey to share a calm and peaceful home with us thanks to you!

Ashley Stockley

Steve made it easy to understand

I highly recommend this company. We now have the tools to better train our dog Rocky because Steve made it easy to understand why dogs do what they do to get attention.

Anthony Godshalk

You can’t go wrong with hiring Steve

Steve is excellent, firm yet gentle, and worked very well with Milo and me. He also is a very nice guy, has reasonalbe rates compared to other pet trainers that I checked into, and gives a lifetime of support. You can’t go wrong with hiring Steve, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him without any reservation.

Ron Stauffer

Steve is the only trainer I would recommend

Steve had the challenge of working with two dogs at a time, each with his/her own issues. In just a few days, the older dog has lost her habit of barking at us for a variety of reasons. While we realize it will take time, and our own perseverance, to help the younger pup learn how to not be fearful and let us be the pack leaders, Steve gave us the tools and encouragement to succeed. I’ve used 3 other dog training organizations in the Valley and he is the only one I would recommend to others. I have already recommended him to two friends.

Elizabeth McCain

I couldn’t believe how much Steve’s approach helped me

People told me my dog had issues that could not be corrected. Steve is a terrific trainer and really showed me that Foxys issues are treatable. I really liked that Steve made sure throughout the entire session I understood everything and was very patient with me and Foxy who struggles with aggressive behaviors.
Steve is an expert and I couldn’t believe how much his approach helped me and my dog Foxy. There is still a lot of work to do but I am on the right track since working with Steve and I couldn’t be more satisfied!

Racine Auringer

It was wonderful to have him in our home

We brought Steve in to help us with our 11-week old border collie mix and our 7-year-old pug mix. He helped us so much with their individual habits, and also with maintaining good behavior together. It was wonderful to have him in our home to see them in their usual space, and he even went for a walk with the pug to address his distractions. We had a few follow up questions after and Steve was very quick to give us additional help.

Shelli Pentimall Bookler

I can already see my pup improving!

I contacted Steve on a Thursday night, he called me the following day and the day after we had an appointment scheduled. The organization of scheduling was quick and very easy! His five rules are amazing and he explained them thoroughly. He spent ample time with us. We’ve been following his rules and I can already see my pup improving! His idea of dog training is logical and easy. Would recommend to anyone looking for a dog trainer.

Courtney Burns

“Our dogs connected with him and listened so well”

Training with Steve was amazing! He taught us amazing lifelong techniques to use forever on our dogs. I can’t express how grateful we are that we got his information from a friend. I definitely recommend his services. Thank you, Steve! Harli, Kylie, Kelsey, and I all appreciate your help!

Gianna Olivia Ganther
  • Are you dealing with challenges from your pooch?
  • Barking, Leash pulling, Biting, Stress or something else?
  • Did you just adopt a new dog and are looking for some guidance?
  • Are you embarrassed by your dogs' behavior?
  • Would you love to have your dogs' trust and respect?
  • Would a dog that does what you ask sound nice?

Learn the secret of your dog wanting to follow your instructions! You wont need to demand obedience through excessive repetitive tasks, shouting or gadgets. I help you build a bond of trust and respect with your dog. It is this trust and respect that allows for willing obedience from your dog.

Before asking our dogs to change their behavior we must first show them WHY they should follow and obey us. Consider that your dog may already know what you want but may do what they want instead. This happens because we haven't shown them (in a way they understand) that we are leaders worth following, that they can trust us and that we have their best interest in mind. Dogs determine who is fit to lead based on different things then we as humans look at.

A large part of the training I provide is building a bond of trust and respect with your dog. This allows us to gain your dog's ATTENTION and FOCUS when it really matters. We do this without force, fear or gadgets like shock, prong or choke collars. By building this bond of trust and respect we build the foundation that may be missing and a large part of how your dog decides who to obey.

I will share with you 5 exercises that will make your dogs say "WHOA" these people are really worth following!! I will also share with you techniques to work with your dog in a way they understand. We will show your dogs what behavior is acceptable with a KIND and GENTLE approach. Because we build this foundation of trust and respect your dog will CHOOSE to obey your instructions. We do not need to focus on repeated actions until your dog wears down or gives up and we do not need fancy tricks or gadgets. This foundation of trust and respect is so effective that in many cases you will see noticeable change in 2 weeks or less! Your dog's trust, respect, and obedience will continue to build over time with the consistent use of the 5 exercises I share with you.

I am so confident in my methods that I am proud to offer free LIFETIME support!

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Steve Comando CURIOSITY SATISFIED DOG CAMP Obedience by gaining trust and respect!
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