Dog Training with a Focus on
Owner Education and Dog Communication
  1. Are you dealing with challenges from your pooch?
  2. Is Barking, Leash pulling, Biting, separation anxiety or something else keeping you from the life you want with your dog?
  3. Did you just adopt a new dog and are looking for some help?
  4. Would you just love to have your dogs trust and respect?
  5. Are you really just wanting to enjoy a dog that obeys and does what you ask?
I can show you how to gain your dogs trust and respect without force, fear or gadgets. Your dog will be well behaved and under control because you will be trusted and respected as their leader. Your dog or dogs will follow you because they WANT to obey you.

I have packages where I visit you in your home to develop a program specifically to address your concerns! 

The solution that we put together can be tailored to:

1. You and the people involved with your dog or puppy.

2. Your home and surroundings, because every home is different.

3. Your dog or puppy, because every dog is different. Just like people!

This is a permanent solution – not a temporary fix.

Packages include lifetime support!

Dog Training that actually works!

What I share is different than many other methods. I don’t focus on tricks, gadgets, force, fear or repetitive tasks. Instead, I focus on Leadership and Communication with your dog.

Many training methods focus on the symptoms. Often times this means that issues come back. Sometimes even worse then they were before!

In many cases, people feel that with other training they have had that they do not have the tools to address new concerns that arise and you find themselves back in the same position they started in…frustrated and unhappy. This often means you feel the only option is to pay for additional training or hire yet another trainer.

What I share that makes my method so different.

We start by becoming a leader your dogs can trust and respect. This means your dogs will CHOOSE to follow you and your instructions!

By building this bond based on trust and respect your dog is calmer and much more willing to cooperate. This makes any training you desire so much easier!

Understanding your dog’s behavior allows you to feel much less frustrated. This is because you will now know what to change or adjust to help your canine companion succeed and win! Your pal will want to follow your instructions! This results in you BOTH being more happy and loving life TOGETHER!

Having the ability to understand why your dog was doing certain behaviors or acting a certain way allows for a much deeper connection and bond with your dog. 

I will share how we treat the root cause of your dog’s behavior, not just the symptom.

This new connection and understanding of your dog will allow you to adjust or change any existing and/or new behaviors that may pop up. Your dog’s behavior will continue to improve over time with the consistent use of what I share with you.

There is no such thing as an instant fix. However if you put the program I develop specifically for you and your family into practice you can have the life you always wanted with your canine pal.

My individualized training will allow us to explore the following:

What is your dog thinking? – This is the first step in changing dogs behavior. If we understand our dogs we can make it easy for them to succeed and do what we ask. This works with old or young dogs!

How to Communicate in a way your dog understands. – We will talk about body language, verbal tones, and eye contact. We will discuss how using our voice less often and our body language more can change so much!

Behavioral concerns – How to address all of those difficult behaviors like Leash Pulling, Barking, Biting or Not Coming when called.

Command Training – We can take a look at important commands such as sit, down, stay, walk and come.

Steve Comando CURIOSITY SATISFIED DOG CAMP Obedience by gaining trust and respect!
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