About Me

Hello, my name is Steve Comando and I am a dog trainer and behaviorist. I have always had a passion for dogs. I decided to search out Behaviorist Training for myself. I learned about WHY dogs behave the way they do as well as ways to work with them to adjust unwanted behavior. My primary goal was to find methods that were simple, effective and would foster a closer bond with dogs. (I have never been interested in “forcing” dogs to do what I want).

When I was growing up, I wasn’t able to have dogs due to our living arrangements. However, this didn’t stop me from interacting with all types.

I found inspiration from my Aunt who also loves dogs and always had at least two running around her house. I always enjoyed my time interacting with them and enjoyed learning from her as she also trained service dogs.

When I was older and my living arrangements changed, my first dog was a Rottweiler and that’s when I really learned about earning a dogs trust and respect. Let me just say that trying to outmuscle a Rottweiler will wear you out fast!

While looking for a career path that would allow me to work with the dogs whose company I enjoyed so much, I happened upon a business idea where I could pick up several clients’ dogs and go for a nature hike. This was a lot of fun and I would work with the dogs off leash learning impulse control and recall training; however, I found that many people did not have dogs that could reliably be off-leash and return when called.

It was at this point that I realized that many many people want to enjoy a life WITH their dog but instead they end up tolerating behavior and being frustrated or embarrassed when their dog misbehaves.  I spent about a year learning much from several trainers and completing my certification as a trainer and behaviorist. I am now able to share my knowledge with you! A passion of mine is to continue to learn and grow my knowledge of dogs and their interactions with the world around them.

I wanted methods that would encourage dogs to follow my lead and teach them what is acceptable in a kind way. Currently, my pack consists of another Rottweiler named Havoc (don’t let the name fool you, he is actually very well-behaved!) and a Terrier named Coreen. They mean the world to me as I am sure your dogs do to you.

My goal as a dog trainer is to help people live with their dogs that they love so much without stressing over behavior they don’t understand or cannot fix. I want to show people how your dog can be another member of the family. We all want to live in harmony with our dogs, right? I want to help you achieve this!

So what about me or my methods makes me so special? Well, simply put, I will teach a method that’s simple, effective and will last a lifetime! Together you and I will work on a solution to the undesirable behavior and I will show you why your dog does what he/she does and what you can do to correct it. I give you all the tools you need to succeed.

You will not need to pay for multiple lessons or send your dog away for training. You want your dog to obey YOU, correct?  I will show you how to work with your dog so they trust and respect you. They will follow your instructions… not because they fear you but because you are a worthy leader to follow!

Steve Comando CURIOSITY SATISFIED DOG CAMP Obedience by gaining trust and respect!
Hello! Feel free to call me at 267-374-9723! Send me a message and I will get back to you ASAP! Please include your City and Zip Code with you address Thanks so much!!