We all have to start somewhere training our dogs. While we love our dogs sometimes we need to show them that a specific behavior is unacceptable.
When you hear the phrase “Time Out” you probably have flashbacks to your childhood. Why are timeouts associated with misbehaving children? Because it is a gentle, kind and effective way of changing behavior.
While it is common knowledge it works for children .. many of us have never considered using it for our dogs. Well as it turns out “Time Outs” are equally effective for our dogs. The best part is that this method is kind, gentle and effective. What a great way to work with our dogs!
The training techniques I work with for training dogs revolve around gaining your dog’s respect so that your dogs WANT to obey you. Using “Time Outs” is one way we communicate what is acceptable in a clear, calm, consistent
and loving fashion.
Of course, setting boundaries and setting your dog up to win is always preferable to a negative consequence. Clear communication with your dog as well as having patience are key pieces.
So what happens when the “Time Out” doesn’t work?
This part is simple!
Repeat the “time out” process
So what happens if you repeat the process and you seem to be getting nowhere?
I would suggest that your dog considers themselves in charge and thinks that you have no right to be putting them in “Time Out”
Let me explain further – If a CHILD decided a parent did something they didn’t like and put the PARENT into “Time Out” Do you think the PARENT would change the behavior? Yeah, I couldn’t see that happening either.
The one who is in charge decides the rules and makes the decisions. In family life, this is usually the parents. Your dog may have decided (through actions they see from you) that they are IN CHARGE, they make the rules and you are in a sense the children of the household.
Changing who is in charge to allows you to LEAD your dogs without force, fear or aggression and can be done! I offer a full training program that shows you how to become the leader of your dogs. Honestly, who wants to be shouting, repeating commands or getting annoyed when your dog doesn’t listen or obey?
When working with dogs or people consider the words “Calm, Clear .. Firm and Fair.
Hope you found something helpful!!
Steve Comando
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